Why Primeway Wood?

Primeway Wood knows quality

Our team is made of highly skilled and experienced professionals with years in the wood paneling development and product sourcing. We strive on quality and provide what you are looking for. We are not only supporting our customer needs over the phone, but always there on the shop ground understanding their real-world happenings.

Reliable Supplier

We stock our products in our warehouses strategically located around the US, in order to address your demands on time, and also work under your requests for special forecasts. We carry different items in our warehouses, and we mix truck loads to you. We are all about providing the product you need, when you need it.

We bring value

When it comes to competitiveness, we understand that, in order to be your choice, we have to feature more then just products and services. Here at Primeway Wood, we care about the value-added delivered to our partners. We have a modern structure and develop our best logistic solution from beginning to end. On top of it all, we always negotiate with our certified mills the best prices and supplies from sources all over the world.

Striving the best, always

The main value Primeway Wood pursues is reputation. And we understand that it is built over time by aggregating every single experience and commitment that we service to our customers. We aim making first-time business for being long time partners. Our main goal is to provide the best each single time purchase and overall experience for our customers orders.