Global Sourcing

With local presence outside the US for product development, certification, and quality control, we join forces with local manufacturers and participate on the development of the materials, setting up higher quality standards and exclusive products for our portfolio.

Foreign Local Office

Our foreign offices are located in São Paulo and Curitiba, Brazil, strategically positioned close to major manufacturers, which gives us the opportunity to follow up with the whole production chain, ensuring the quality of our final product. Today our main certified mills are located in the States of Parana and Santa Catarina, Brazil. We also count on specialized agents in other countries in South America and Asia.

 Quality Control

Primeway Wood uses remarkably high standard inspection criteria, in order to certify our suppliers, locally inspecting the materials, production methods and shipping quality standards, so the final product is always delivered to our final customers in its best quality.

 Our Own Forests

Primeway Group also invests and maintains its own forests located in Brazil, sourcing reforested wood to the production chain and helping the environment by being an eco-friendly business. Our forests comply with all local regulations, bringing sustainability to our company and the communities around us.